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Katsutoshi Dobashi / 日本語版はこちら

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Now I write tech articles for paper and online media such as Forbes JAPAN, YahooNews, The Huffington Post Japan, Mint and so on. My most of pieces are in Japanese and a few of them are in English. Especially interesting themes are technology and startup ecosystem.

In 2016, focused on covering Finland, France, India and Japan. Finland’s MFA has an awesome program to invite journalists from several countries, then I have been selected as one of them. I experienced the unique atmosphere of Europe’s leading startup event called ‘Slush’ and talked with key people in the world’s leading education system.

In 2015, mainly covered Estonian startups ecosystem. Actually, I have been selected to participate the program by Estonian Foreign Ministry and the Government Office. In this program, I had many meetings with Estonian leaders including the Prime Minister.

In 2013 and 2014, I specialized in hardware startups coverage of wearable device, drone, home automation and etc. My blog’s article has once gotten more than 15,000 likes on the Facebook Page.

Before starting my own business, I’ve interviewed leading members in big companies like Google and Alibaba as a management magazine deputy editor until December 2012.


◆Mint, India’s Business Daily 

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