Octopart: Electronic parts search engine, Y Combinator



Octopart is based in NY, They provide services which are electronic parts search engine like Google. Y Combinator is supporting them ,and Tech Crunch’s former co-editor Michael Arrington also wrote an  favorable article. Well, I was able to exchange messages Samuel Wurzel of Octopart CEO, I summarizes the main questions and answers.

1: What’s your mission?

Our mission is to help engineers and scientists find the parts they are looking for as quickly as possible. We want them to spend less time searching for parts and more time building new technologies.
2: What’s the  greatest strength in your company?
Octopart’s greatest strength is our focus on the user. We constantly work to improve the user experience on our website.
3: What kind of people are your main users?
Our users are engineers, scientists, part buyers, students and hobbyists. They come from almost all countries around the globe.

4: Please tell me some informations about the founders?
The founders of Octopart are Sam Wurzel, Andres Morey and Harish Agarwal. We were all physics graduate students when we started working on Octopart in 2006. We all quit graduate school to work on Octopart full time.
5: When was the time your  entrepreneurship was tested?
How we approach a problem really depends on the problem itself. Often there are only partial solutions to problems and we have to iterate. For example, gathering data on 20,000,000 parts has no simple solution, but we continue to iterate and improve our data quality over time.
6: What’s the turning point of your growth?
There’s not just one cause, but we’re persistent and we tackle big problems by breaking them down and solving lots of small problems.

7: If there is a role to expect from makers in japan, what is it?
I think the maker culture has increased the interest of science and engineering among young people and students which is great.
8: What kind of message would you like to say to the teenager entrepreneurs?
Have side projects outside of school or work that you enjoy. Have fun!
9: What’s your goal in the future?
Grow and improve Octopart!

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ブログを通じて、Y Combinator発のNYベンチャーOctopartとの交流が生まれたので、主な問答を書き出してみる